Most of our gear are high quality products designed for outdoor activities in different weather conditions. We live outside most of the time. By bicycle, in the tent, hiking, canoeing or on skis. When traveling, we are limited in the amount of gear we can carry, so we want high quality material that will last.

We have used all the products we describe here extensively, and most of them we still use. It is our honest opinion without any influence from the company. Although we work with a number of companies, we always say to the companies 'if you give us a bad product, we will write our negative experiences about it'. All our reviews therefore have pluses and minuses of the products. We pass on all negatives to the companies so that they can improve their products.

All our gear lists

After more than three years of traveling by bicycle, canoe, hiking and on skis, we have extensive experience with our gear. Below you will find all our packing lists for the different ways of traveling on human power.

Bicycle touring pack list
Packing list for a hiking trip
Packing list for a canoe trip
Packing list for winter travel

  • Nordic Cab Explorer

    For our ski and skate plans in Canada and Europe, we were looking for a way to take all our equipment with us. For a skiing adventure, pulling a pulk (a sled) behind us was the most logical option, but we wouldn't be able to skate on the road with that...
    skiing on groomed snow scooter trails
  • Sea to Summit Comfort Plus Insulated

    Several years ago we switched from a thin, foam sleeping mat to an inflatable sleeping mat. Olivier, in particular, started to have problems with his hips after a few nights on a hard mat, which led to an inflammation...
    SeaToSummit sleeping mat in snow
  • Sea to Summit Alpine ApIII

    Winters in Quebec are long and cold. Many people warned us about the extremely cold nights and were slightly concerned...
    SeaToSummit alpine sleeping bag in the snow
  • Owayo cycling clothing

    After 20,000 kilometers on the bike, our cycling clothes were completely worn out. We needed new apparel and discovered by chance that Owayo was looking for ambassadors for their sportswear...
    owayo woman cycling outfit
  • Northstar B17

    "Is it a Bomber? A Bell 17? A Bear 17?\" is written about the B17 canoe on the Northstar canoes website. Just like for our life jackets, we asked Northstar for canoe advice...
    Northstar B17 on the shore
  • MTI Life Jacket

    On our canoe trip we suddenly needed a lot of new gear. We found a number of packing lists on the internet, but they contained words we had never heard of. Yoke pads, bilge pump and PFD...
    MTI Vibe Life Jacket, part of the MTI Life Jackets performance line
  • NRS Dry Bags

    The last three years we cycled with Ortlieb panniers. These keep our gear dry, even in tropical rainstorms. But with our Hilleberg tent in it, we cannot close the bags completely waterproof...
    NRS Bill's bag 65L in a canoe
  • The North Face Talus 2

    On the Appalachian trail, we exchanged our Hilleberg tent for another tent because of the weight. We hesitated for a long time to hike the Appalachian Trail with our Amazonas hammocks, but eventually opted for a tent...
    the north face talus 2 tent set up
  • Amazonas Adventure Tarp

    When we exchanged our Hilleberg tent for the Northface Talus 2 on the Appalachian Trail, we suddenly didn’t't have a comfortable vestibule to be protected from the rain...
    Amazonas Adventure Tarp on a canoe trip
  • Amazonas Moskito-Traveller Thermo

    During our world trip we have been in various cultures where people do not have a bed, but sleep in a hammock. We tried it ourselves a number of times and especially Olivier was quickly convinced...
    lakeside camping in Amazonas Moskito-Traveller Thermo hammock
  • Nomad Orion 700

    A sleeping bag is one of the big 5 for outdoor enthusiasts. We walk, cycle, sail or canoe, but sleep remains as important. For us, a good sleeping bag can keep...
    Nomad Orion 700 slaapzak
  • Sigma ROX 12.0

    'READY TO BE A ROXSTAR' is the first thing you see when you have the Sigma ROX 12.0 box in your hands. It is an original marketing text, well thought-out by Sigma...
    Sigma ROX 12.0 gps
  • Allianz Global Assistance Globetrotter Insurance

    In September 2016 we left on a world tour with the bicycles. We needed a lot. A bicycle, panniers, a new tent, a camera lens and new clothing...
    Landscape in Galicia in Spain
  • Care Plus Water Filter

    'Agua es vida' (water is life) is written on many billboards in various villages in South America. Potable and pure water is essential not only for nature...
    Care Plus water filter with sawyer squeeze bag
  • Schwalbe Marathon Mondial

    Two years ago we bought second hand bikes and left without any adjustment on our world trip. We would see on the way which parts are bad...
    schwalbe marathon tyre
  • Ortlieb panniers

    They are legendary, they are the best panniers you can have, the Ortlieb panniers. When you imagine a travel touring bike, it is hard not to think...
    Black Ortlieb panniers in autumn
  • Kobo eReader

    In 2016 Olivier received a Kobo eReader ereader from his parents for his birthday. It must have been the best birthday gift he ever had in his life...
    Kobo Glo HD
  • WakaWaka Power+

    People often wonder that our yellow phone looks so big. We explain that it's a solar powerbank to charge our phone. We want to travel using the power of nature...
    WakaWaka Power+ on a sailing boat
  • MSR Whisperlite camping stove

    People often ask us on how we cook. Especially people who do not have any camping experience are surprised when we say "gasoline". Our MSR Whisperlite...
    Cooking pasta on MSR Whisperlite camping stove
  • Hilleberg Nallo 3GT

    On the inside of our Hilleberg Nallo 3GT tent is written "this tent is designed for some serious wilderness trekking". That's what we need when we travel...
    Hilleberg Nallo 3GT with views on Cerro Torre
  • Giant Trooper

    A reliable, firm design with a steel frame. That's all you need to travel around the world on a bicycle. We bought our Giant Trooper second hand...
    Giant Trooper bicycle against a graffiti wall


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