We are hitting the road again! This time a new exciting adventure awaits us. Just like five years ago, we start with a dream, but without route and time limit. The dream is clear: the search for our basecamp! But oh, how exciting this is for us. After five years of adventure and so much change, we are now going to look for a permanent place. We find that super exciting! It is a new step into the unknown. In the coming months we will take you with us on this quest. We do not know where we will end up and what our future will look like. The journey by bicycle will once again give us the answer. If we travel slowly and be open-minded, we will find the answer to this question. We will take you through the encounters along the way, our thoughts, the choices we make, the setbacks and the moments of happiness. We hope you join us!

Project Basecamp-X

We are looking for a home base, a basecamp from which we can go on adventures. We are looking for a life where we have three days of income and four days of time for adventure and our own projects. This can be on a weekly basis (3 days work/4 days adventure), but also on a yearly basis (5 months work, 7 months adventure). The house will be our basecamp where we have our stuff, but where we also like to welcome our family, friends and other visitors. Our own place full of adventure.

The X stands for the unknown place where our basecamp will be. A cross on the map in Scandinavia, but where exactly we don't know yet.


The bicycle

We are going by bike to Scandinavia.

In winter

It will be a winter adventure.


We leave in January 2022.


Over the past few years, we have learned how we envision our lives. An outdoor life where adventure stands on the first place. We are convinced that Scandinavia offers all the ingredients to make this dream come true. The outdoor culture of the people, the vast nature, real winter, the right to roam. There is so much that attracts us! Our world trip also taught us another important lesson: living a dream doesn't happen if you wait for it. We have to take the initiative, open up, search, ask questions and talk to people. For us, that search works best if we move toward our dream in a slow way. The bicycle and the adventure will show us the way. Then we meet people, are flexible and have time to discover the answer. On human power, but not alone. We don't know the answer yet, but we are confident that we will discover it in the coming months! And yes, this is also very exciting for us. Not so much the cycling in winter, but the quest to find that dream spot! Will we find it? And there is Pippi Longstocking again. We don't know if we'll really like it in Scandinavia, but we won't know until we've tried it. Doing is the only way to find out. That's what we're going for!


20200302-DSC_8216 copy




We are looking for the right balance between work and adventure! For us it tilts towards adventure ;)

A small, red house

We dream of a typical Scandinavian house. Small, red and cozy.


Our philosophy of life! We are going to prove to ourselves that a life full of adventure in a fixed place is also possible!


August 13, 2023

Always adapting

August 13, 2023

Everywhere but Norway

May 26, 2023
cycling in the forest

Resting on the bicycle

April 15, 2023
hout hakken

The price of freedom

March 10, 2023
winter adventure on skis

Winter adventure on skis

March 9, 2023
the right path

The right path

December 31, 2022
winter adventure on skis

The way up

December 13, 2022
Schuur in de sneeuw

Down to the bottom


Just like during the world trip, there are many ways to follow our adventure.