On Friday 30th of September 2016 we left Amsterdam by bicycle for an unlimited world trip! For a long time we kept all options open and we had no idea when, how, for how long and where we would leave. This is the way we want to travel, the best things happen when you don't plan. At the beginning of June 2016 the idea arose to leave from home and we would use the bicycle as our first mode of transport. Two years later we cycled 20,000 kilometers and sailed the ocean. We cycled to the end of the world, and then moved back to the north. Read all our travel stories here and discover the statistics we keep on our journey.

What do you want to read? Click below for all stories the Sailing and South America. Or discover all our statistics! We started translating our blog since the sailing adventure, so our stories about cycling in Europe aren't available in English yet.
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