Do you like what we are doing!? We love to continue and write many more stories on our website. And you can help us doing it! You can sponsor us a hot meal or a warm bed after a tough day on the bicycle. During our trip our stuff starts to wear out and we need to buy some new things now and then, which can be expensive for our travel budget. At the bottom you can see some things we need to replace.

If you want to contribute, you can on NL30 RABO 0149530544 tnv Olivier Van Herck, or use the Paypal button here below
And sent an email to olivier@weleaf.nl or zoe@weleaf.nl to tell us what you would like to sponsor us.

A delicious pie from the bakery


We are always looking forward to arrive in a village and stop a the local bakery. After a day on the bike we can handle some unhealthy food.

A healthy meal after a cycling day


Almost everyday we cook our own meal. We try to cook vegetarian and compesate the proteins with nuts and fish.

A hot chocolate milk with a brownie


The best thing after a cold and wet day on the bicycle is a hot chocolate milk.

A warm bed after many nights in the tent


We love to sleep in the tent, but sometimes a bed is very comfortable, definitely after a rainy cycling day.

A romantic diner with candle lights


We barely treat ourself with a diner in a restaurant to save our travel budget. When we do it, we enjoy it ten times more.



Thanks to all the fantastic contributions we were able to buy all the materials we needed for our trip. We are sleeping dry in a super tent, are drinking filtered water, we can charge our phone and have some music during the breaks. A huge thanks to everybody! After a year on the bicycle some of our stuff starts to wear out. Living outside everyday makes us realize what quality material is. But some things needs to be replaced.


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