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Thanks to your wonderful contributions, we have been able to buy a lot of material that we use on our journey. We sleep comfortable in a super tent, drink filtered water, can charge phones and have a great music during the break. A big thank you for your contribution! We are faced with new challenges such as hiking and canoeing. For this we have to purchase new material, such as special waterproof items. And we want to improve our photos and videos because that is the most visible part of our trip.


If you want to spoil us specifically during our trip, off course you can as well.


A cake from the bakery
It is wonderful to arrive in a village and see a bakery. After many kilometers of cycling, we can handle something less healthy .

Nutritious meal
We cook our own meal almost every day. We always try to cook vegetarian so we compensate the proteins with fish or nuts.

Hot chocolate milk
After a cold and wet day on the bike, there is nothing as tasty as a hot chocolate milk.

A warm bed
We love to sleep in our tent, but every now and then a soft bed is a luxury, especially after a rainy day on the bike.

Romantic dinner
We barely treat ourselves with a cosy diner. But when we do, we enjoy it ten times more than normal.


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