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MTI Life Jacket

Northstar B17 on the shore
Northstar B17
November 15, 2019
NRS Bill's bag 65L in a canoe
NRS Dry Bags
November 15, 2019

MTI Vibe Life Jacket

On our canoe trip we suddenly needed a lot of new gear. We found a number of packing lists on the internet, but they contained words we had never heard of. Yoke pads, bilge pump and PFD. The latter is a personal floating device, a life jacket. There are a hundred different life jackets and we have no idea what the differences are. We contacted MTI and asked for their advice. Finally we left with the MTI Vibe, a life jacket from their performance line.

(+) Comfortable
we didn’t look forward to wearing a life jacket for 50 days. But it is just like a bicycle helmet, after a few days you no longer realise that you are wearing it. In fact, it becomes part of your outfit and you notice it immediately when you no longer wear it.
(+) Bodywarmer
the life jackets work like a body warmer. In the full sun, without a breath of wind, the life jackets are a bit warm, but under those circumstances you often do not need a life jacket. In slightly colder conditions, the life jackets are wonderfully warm and a perfect body warmer.
MTI Life Jacket
MTI Life Jacket
(+) Chest pocket with a whistle
There is a chest pocket on the front of the life jacket that can be closed with a zipper. We always put our Sigma GPS in the chest pocket. There is also an emergency whistle in the breast pocket which we fortunately did not use. Under the chest pocket is a tunnel pocket to warm your hands or store extra gear.
Onze mening

It is the first time that we have used a life jacket for a longer period of time, so we do not have much comparative material. But we have to say that we are very satisfied with the MTI life jackets. They became part of our canoe gear and felt really comfortable. Often life jackets look a little bit silly, but the MTI Vibe looks sportive and works well on the pictures.

Curious what we still took with us in the canoe and how we organised our stuff? You can read it all in our packing list for a canoe trip.

On the MTI website you can find more information about the MTI Vibe Life Jacket.