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Giant Trooper

Hilleberg Nallo 3GT with views on Cerro Torre
Hilleberg Nallo 3GT
January 18, 2018

Giant Trooper

Although the Giant Troopers are no longer made, there are still a number of second hands to find. Who else says that you need a new bike to travel around the world? A bicycle mechanic in the Netherlands told us that we would never reach Spain, but after 20,000 kilometers we are still riding on our steel horses.

A reliable, sturdy design with a steel frame. That is all you need to travel around the world on a bicycle. We have bought our Giant Troopers second hand. They are about 27 years old and after 20,000 kilometers and many unpaved roads, the crossing of the ocean and the suffering of climbs they still run like new. The bikes are simple, but this makes it easy to carry out repairs and to find spare parts, except the 28 "wheels.

  • Shimano 300LX gear system - 21 gears (12-32 back | 48-38-28 front)
  • Schwalbe Marathon Mondial
  • V-brakes. We would advice to replace it with hydraulic rim brakes or disc brakes, because sometimes there is not enough braking force.
  • Aluminum carrier: this is the most vulnerable part of the bicycle. On our way to Ushuaia the carrier broke and only thousands of kilometers later, in Bolivia, we found an aluminum welder.
On marktplaats (a Dutch second hand website) you can find a whole bunch of beautiful second-hand bikes to travel around the world.

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