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The North Face Talus 2

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November 15, 2019
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The North Face Talus 2

On the Appalachian trail, we exchanged our Hilleberg tent for another tent because of the weight. We hesitated for a long time to hike the Appalachian Trail with our Amazonas hammocks, but eventually opted for a tent. Our eye fell on the lightweight North Face Talus 2. We are surprisingly positive about the tent, and the color perfectly matches our own WeLeaf orange colour. We slept in the tent for forty nights, more than enough for a good review.

(+) Plenty of space
The Talus 2 is very spacious on the inside. We can easily lie in the tent with two people and sit up straight without touching the edges. Ideal for resting after a long walking day without having to make cramped movements.
(+) Two entrances and two vestibules
the Talus 2 has two entrances with a small vestibule on both entrances to put your shoes and backpack. So everyone has their own entrance and we don't have to crawl awkwardly over each other, especially in the middle of the night to go to the toilet.
(+)Easy to pitch
the tent poles consist of one integral system that is easy to set up, at least after the first time. With two people it is a lot easier than alone.
One of the biggest advantages is that the tent is stand-alone. That means that you can set up the inner tent without the outer cover. During the Appalachian Trail we have pitched the tent regularly in a shelter where you cannot put pegs in the wood. Moreover, during the warm nights we did not need the outer cover and we had a beautiful starry sky as a bonus.
(+) Including ground cover
the Talus 2 is supplied with a ground cover. This protects the tent bottom against sharp branches and stones. To save weight you could leave the cover at home, but we think it is a big advantage.
The North Face Talus 2
(+) Lightweight
The tent, including the pegs and the ground cover, weighs 2.2 kilograms (5 pounds). That is farr less than our Hilleberg tent, which weighs 3.8 kilograms. There are lighter two person tents on the market, but not within the same price range.
(+) Price
The Talus 2 costs barely € 199, which is a bargain for such a tent. For comparison, the MSR Hubba weighs half a kilogram less, but costs € 100 more.
(-) Splashing water
the only drawback to the tent is the shape of the outer cover. In our opinion, the outer cover does not get far enough to the ground. This of course provides extra ventilation, but we mainly suffered from splashing water droplets during some thunderstorms. Water drops bouncing on the ground, entered the tent under the outer cover and our Nomad sleeping bags got a bit wet.
Our opinion

We have long doubted between a tent or a hammock on the Appalachian Trail. Afterwards we are very happy with our choice to bring a tent. A number of nights were surprisingly colder than expected and the thunderstorms can be intense in the summer. We felt a little more comfortable in the tent than in a hammock with such rain. We also slept regularly in a shelter and then the tent is much more convenient than a hammock. The first night on the AT was the first night in our Talus 2. In our opinion, a top tent for trekking.

On the website of The North Face you can find more product information about the Talus 2.