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Allianz Global Assistance Globetrotter Insurance

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Allianz Globetrotter Insurance

In September 2016 we left on a world tour by bike. We needed a lot. A bicycle, panniers, a new tent, a camera lens and new clothing. It costs a lot of money, but fortunately, it feels good that you get things in return. When Zoe's mother suddenly asked: "What about the travel insurance?". Oops, we hadn't thought about that.

We already had a travel insurance and thought it was suitable. So we looked up the conditions. It turns out that most travel insurances insure a trip for up to three months. For a world trip we would need something different. There are only a few insurance companies offering long term travel insurances and the price is much higher than a normal travel insurance.

We didn't see the need for such an insurance, because we were convinced that nothing would happen to us. We are active travelers, both topfit and don't get ill quickly. In retrospect, we are happy that our parents convinced us of our naivety. That is why we opted for the Globetrotter Insurance from Allianz Global Assistance and more than two years later we still thank our parents. Without this insurance our trip would have been different.

This is what we think about the Allianz Globetrotter Insurance:

(+) Insured up to two years
The most important element of a travel insurance for a world trip is the continuous coverage. With the Globetrotter Insurance we are insured for a maximum of 24 months consecutively. After two years we have to get a new insurance that is valid for another two years.
(+) Medical costs
Medical costs can be high abroad. Especially in countries like the United States or when we have to go to private hospitals in South America.
(+) Fast service
During the first year of our trip, we didn't have to use the travel insurance. During the second year we were both bitten by a dog and Zoë suddenly suffered from irregular periods. It turned out to be the beginning of many hospital visits and even the discovery of a tumor. We are very satisfied with the quick answers of the emergency center to our questions and uncertainties. Despite a time difference of six to seven hours with the Netherlands, contact was always possible with the Allianz Global Assistance emergency center.
(+) Study, internship, voluntary work or world trip
The Globetrotter Insurance is suitable for more than just a world trip. Even if you are going to study for a long time, do voluntary work, want to work or do an internship abroad.
(-) Pricey
For our Globetrotter Insurance we pay about € 1,200 a year for the two of us. That is a lot of money for something you hope you don't need. Nevertheless, an insurance covering 365 days abroad is more expensive than a standard travel insurance with a limit of three months consecutive travel. In our insurance we are also insured luggage, medical costs, legal assistance and liability. We also opted for "Winter sports and special sports" cover, because we practice various sports during our world trip.

The Allianz Global Assistance Globetrotter Insurance takes a fair amount of the travel budget. Yet an accident can happen quickly. A drunk driver, an aggressive dog or a sick grandmother, all can happen. In such situations, the costs are quickly higher than the price of the insurance. As with any insurance; if you can bear the financial risk yourself, an insurance isn't necessary. For many people this will not be the case and then this travel insurance is a smart investment, in our opinion. Thanks to our parents for the tip!