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MSR Whisperlite camping stove

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MSR Whisperlite camping stove

People often ask us on how we cook. Especially people who do not have any camping experience are surprised when we say "gasoline". Our MSR Whisperlite camping stove is almost 30 years old, but still provides us everyday with a hot meal. This is why we love our MSR camping stove so much:

MSR Whisperlite stove

Everywhere in the world you can find gasoline. Even on the most remote places on earth, there will always be someone with a little gasoline. Never problems with the wrong gas can or prohibitions to transport a gas can on the airplane.
We have a 375 ml gasoline bottle to cook. We can cook around five diners with it. Our stove is more than 25 years old and the fuel injections isn't working properly anymore. A couple of years we could easily cook 7 meals with the bottle.
MSR camping stoves are completely dismountable with one simple tool. Every now and then we dismount it to clean to stove, and up till now we always managed to mount it again in the right way.
Check our their website to find your perfect MSR camping stove.