December 21, 2018
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Fernando Mojik

What do we have with colonels? Zoë her father was colonel, Olivier's grandfather as well. But also during the trip we meet one colonel after the other...
December 3, 2018
Crossing salar de coipaca by bicycle

Cycling in Bolivia

If you ask a cyclist which country in South America was best for cycling, many will put Bolivia in their top three. Bolivia has everything...
November 30, 2018
poseren voor boomstammen

Appreciating home

The second day home, the unusual became usual already, we commonly wander around. It is incredibly how quick the body and soul are getting used...
November 23, 2018
Paragliden in Jericó with Ecoland Jerico

The coffee route in Colombia

Colombia is a fantastic country for cycling. Nature is beautiful, people are great and there is more fresh fruit than you can ever eat...