June 6, 2019
cycling in mississipi

Are Americans really fat?

We always try to enter a country without expectations and prejudices. In Uruguay or Paraguay that is easy because we really have no idea what to expect
June 6, 2019
texas state road sign

Another world

We cycle with little nerves to the border with Mexico. This time it are not unpleasant men on the side of the road that make us tickle, but it is the 7-day stamp in our passport...
June 4, 2019
camping next to an old truck

Welcomed by the narcos

“Be careful, it's dangerous there!" We know the statement. People warn us nearly everyday. It is a villager who talks about the next province...
May 20, 2019
gregory hook portrait

Gregory Hook

Texas triker Everybody can do it There is a different story behind every door. In the United States, that door is sometimes a white, plastic door of a motor home […]