May 14, 2020
fresh caught trout with ice fishing

Homo Sapiens

We are parading in front of a bunch of traffic signs. We take pictures and grab some video shots on the camera. Between the hustle and bustle of traffic signals, it is one sign that matters to us. In white and green it says "Fin route 138"...
April 28, 2020


The snow is a white blanket interrupted by two continuous lines with a horizontal frayed pattern in between. These are the clear markings of a skidoo, a snowmobile that seems to have passed here yesterday...
April 3, 2020
snow blower in action

The people of the North Coast

We are seven hours in the bus and ten days of skiing away from Quebec City, we are in "le gran ville" Sept-Îles and it is time for some rest days. Olivier's feet don't look and the pain can be read from his grim face. We take three days of rest to get our feet recovered.
November 29, 2019
canoeing under fallen tree on the canoe parcours

The canoe parcours

In addition to low water levels, portages and upstream obstacles, there are also many other obstacles that make the Northern Forest Canoe Trail one of the toughest trails...