Our trip

March 20, 2019
border belize mexico

Searching for prejudices

We didn't hear the best stories about Belize from other cyclists about cycling in Belize. Expensive, bad roads, hot and boring for cycling. We cycle with little motivation...
April 10, 2019
boy carrying water in a jug

Half a word

This time we won't escape the exit fee at the border post with Belize. "Is there no discount for cyclists?"...
April 11, 2019
the power of the mind

Mission Impossible

"Still asphalt," Zoë says laughing as she looks back at Olivier. It can stop after every curve, but for now we enjoy every black meter under our wheels...
April 22, 2019

If you can’t outrun them, outsmart them

In the two years that we traveled through Europe, Africa and South America, we never have problems with the border crossings. However, every border in Mexico...