Our trip

September 15, 2021
fietsvakantie in Frankrijk

Tough birthday present

Dad's face is fire-red, he's pedaling the lightest gear, but we're barely going forward. It's almost thirty degrees. At this crawling pace we are like chickens being slowly grilled in an oven. Only in the descent it cools down a bit, but we continue to cook on the next climb. Dad is suffering a lot while we cycle at his pace without any effort...
September 23, 2021
mont ventoux vanuit malaucene

Four musketeers

The rest day was perfect. Dad didn't move at all and was able to enjoy the rest day to the fullest. In our planning there is no rest day until the end. We don't know if we'll make it, but we continue our journey with the idea that we will make it...
November 21, 2021

On human power, but not alone

September 30, 2020. It seems like so long ago that we arrived at the small, red cottage in the Swedish woods. After barely three days, we began a new chapter in our journey, the writing of our book. Back then, we were still full of optimism that our book would be in stores in the spring of 2021...
January 5, 2022

Gratitude overcomes fatigue