Our trip

June 6, 2019
cycling in mississipi

Are Americans really fat?

We always try to enter a country without expectations and prejudices. In Uruguay or Paraguay that is easy because we really have no idea what to expect
July 26, 2019
white blaze on a tree

Hiking 1.000 kilometers

We are in the car with Fernando and Novita, our hosts from Atlanta. It's pouring rain as we swing along the mountain roads in northern Georgia...
July 26, 2019
de appalachian trail in de lente

Living in the woods

The idea of ​​the Appalachian Trail originated in 1921 when forestry engineer Benton MacKaye came up with the visionary idea of ​​a long-distance hike...
July 26, 2019
hiking the at in Georgia

Trail angels

For the second time we wake up in the soft bed on the upper floor in Winton's and Lisa’s house. We bake an egg in the kitchen and quietly eat our breakfast...