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Our four inspirations out of 2021

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November 21, 2021
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These are our inspirations of 2021

We are constantly inspired by others. Every day there is a story that we can learn from or take example from. Sometimes within our own family, sometimes a neighbour or just something from the newspaper. For ourselves, there are four people who have inspired us in the past year. These are our inspirations of 2021:

Martijn Doolaard

Martijn's book One Year On a Bike has been one of the great examples of the book we wanted to make ourselves. An inspiring coffee table book that makes you dream. But also his new project, the old stone cabin he bought, is nice inspiration for the search for our own basecamp in Scandinavia.

Karel Sabbe

We have been following ultra runner Karel Sabbe for a few years now. He runs bizarre distances and has many impossible records to his name. Last summer he ran the Via Alpina. 2,500 kilometers in 30 days. That's two marathons a day! We don't have the ambition to do that, but we love that he shows what a body can do if you want it mentally.

Tamar Valkenier

We heard her name more and more this year, especially in combination with her book 'Fulltime Adventurer'. A wonderful title that we have also have in our Instagram bio for a few years now. We feel especially inspired because she is doing it all on her own as a woman and because we are walking the same path, but she is one step ahead of us and thus shows us many possibilities. We have tried to meet up a few times already, but the life of adventurers is hard to plan.

Siegurd van Leusen

We first met Siegurd in 2018 when he took us on an introductory bushcraft trip. Since then, he has been our outdoor trainer at a distance. Whenever we try a fire drill or want to tan an elk hide, Siegurd helps us out. What inspires us extra is his tremendous craftsmanship and his eye for detail. Siegurd is our master of the outdoors.

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