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Africa for beginners
March 3, 2017
Sailing on rough sea
A full bucket
April 6, 2017

We split up for a while


"It's a too big risk for us" are the painful words of Dieter and Magrit when Olivier explains that he changed his mind and still want to cross to Brazil. In Cape Verde he announced that he not longer wanted to sail with sea sickness and better fly to Brazil. Nevertheless, the easy crossing between Cape Verde and Brazil made him decide to keep words to his dream, but on a boat of four your not the only voice. For Dieter and Magrit the risk is too big to take Olivier, which is clear because a sick crew makes the crossing extremely heavy and maybe even dangerous. Olivier gets off, Zoë will continue.

For a while we split up, a travel break, well understood. Zoë is completing her dream and sails to the other side. Though, without her buddy it will become a long trip. Who will now be listening to ear and help her to spent the endless hours? But, once on the other side it will be unforgettable and uniek, a once in a life time experience.Olivier travels to Senegal and flies, two weeks later, to Brazil. Flying is something we preferred to skip, but it is a conscious choice. Seasickness kills al the wanderlust. The dream to sail a cross the Atlantic doesn't compete with the dream enjoy our travels. Olivier will forget this dream and enjoy two more weeks In Africa and an extra country on his world map.

"I am proud of Olivier. More than 10 days seasick, without an ability to escape, thats unhealthy and extremely unnecessary. I agree 100% on his choice and I am happy we can respect and encourage each other."

The 31st of March Olivier will travel a cross the border of Senegal. On the 4th of April Zoë will start the big crossing. Between these days the Captain doesn't allow Olivier on board for mental preparation. Therefor, a proper goodbye is unfortunately not possible. The crossing will take about 18 days and by that time Olivier will be waiting in Brazil. Probably in Recife, but the wind will decide the final stop.

"If I think about sailing and sea sickness, I admire that Zoë is going to cross! I grant it her with all my heart and really hope that she will, also without me, have a unforgettable experience!"

Start together, is staying together, you might think? We find it important that everybody can make its own decision and follow the heart. Off course we make choices together, but also by respecting the individual choices. Before our world trip we discussed a lot about this. Although we go great together, it will always be fresh to do sometimes things separately. This is now our 'regular' life, so in fact both of us go on holiday for a while. Nevertheless, this is a special moment to split. The best off al would to cross together, without any sickness. Two to three weeks contact will be almost impossible, that's the other extreem after half a year, 24/7 together. One thing is for sure, we are looking forward to this moment that Jatinga arrives on the other side and we can travel as WeLeaf again!

How do you think about our temporary 'travel divorce'??


  1. Marlene says:

    You are both brave !
    Live your dream till the end !!!

    I wish you both happy own discovery !!!!

    Keep going !!!

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