We, Zoe and Olivier, are on a world trip! We Leaf! Friday 30th of September we left for an indefinite time on our world trip. We started with the bicycle in Amsterdam, passing friends and family in Belgium and continuing to the south. Two months later we reached the southern ends of the European mainland. We took a boat to the Canary Islands where we, just like the first world explorers, want to cross the Atlantic, to South America! Exciting right!? Follow our adventures on this website!

WeLeaf is a website where we share our travel stories and special encounters with local people. We are on a world trip because we love traveling, and think this, and humanity can go along perfectly with a healthy a fair environment. 'Action' is our answer in the transition to a clean world. We want to meet local people that take action and translate their stories to our website using words and images. Like real outdoor lovers, we want to show the beauty of nature and be part of the transition to a sustainable world.


November 21, 2017
Zoë raincoat

Carretera Austral

The number one route for cyclists, the Carretera Austral, is in all top 10 lists and a bucket list item for Overlanders, motors, ...
November 12, 2017
Lago Nahuel Huapi

Ten seasons in one day

We wake up with the tent in the middle of a lake. Around us everything is flooded with water. Astonished we are looking around, asking...


October 26, 2017

Met Maxima op reis

Voordat het Weleaf Duo de Argentijnse aarde met tweewielers geschoffeld hebben, hadden wij (ouders van) al 3 jaar eerder...
September 24, 2017
Zonsondergang uitgelicht

10x doen Noordoost Brazilië

Het noordoosten van Brazilië is onbekend terrein, maar bevat een schat aan hoogtepunten. De mooiste stranden van Brazilië, een overvloed aan...


We travel because we love traveling, and think that, humanity in general, can go along perfectly with a healthy and fair environment. ‘Act’ is our answer in the transition to a sustainable world, where people make conscious decisions. We want to meet local pioneers and share their story using words and images. Little resistance is the start to a big change. Being real outdoor lovers, we want to show the beauty of the earth while traveling and be part of the change to a sustainable world on the same time.

We try to live and travel sustainable and we want to inspire others to make conscious choices themselves. This is why we start our world trip on the bicycle and will cross the ocean by sailing boat. We try to make a conscious decision every time, but also we love a piece of meat or ride a motorbike sometimes. This consciousness is way more important than a full sacrifice.

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We have an easy goal: don’t plan the trip, but let all the experiences and meetings guide the way. We want to be approachable and discover local people, cultures and nature. This is one of the reasons why we travel by bicycle. So far we stayed more than half of our nights with local people, which brought some wonderful experiences.

During our trip we want to contribute in sustainable projects, discover nature and feel the culture. We will always search for the positive elements in the story, not trying to mask the difficulties that we encounter. We express this with photo reports, travel stories and video’s.

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Olivier was born and raised in Belgium, studied civil engineering in Leuven and left the mother country in 2011 to follow his heart (Zoë) to the Netherlands. He worked as an asset manager, responsible for the maintenance of all the roads and public lighting in Rotterdam. He is born with the writing skills, the genes he got from his mother. In the free time he travelled as much as possible and developed his photography and filming skills, where winning the FOX/Getaway travel video contest is the best result so far. He got the opportunity to make promotional videos in South Africa. Now it’s time to change jobs and be a full time world traveler and adventurer.

Zoë was raised in Breda. Her parents supplied her a huge amount of travel vibes. She was made in Jamaica and taken all over the world from the first year that she was born. At the age of 16 Zoë made her first solo trip. In Rotterdam she studied Industrial Product Engineering, where she discovered her sustainable ideals. In the mean time she lived in Amsterdam to work on another dream, be a professional athlete. She played two years for the Dutch National Rugby Sevens team. During the last half year Zoë combined this career with raising sustainable projects and develop her graphical talents. Now she on her way to the next dream, being a world traveler and meeting other transition pioneers.

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We tell the stories of the most beautiful projects, people and nature that we encountered on our trip. We search for the positive elements in those stories to show the good news on planet earth. Using words, images and sounds, we try to make short and powerful reports which inspire people to take action in their life.

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