A visual reminder is the best motivation! Do we inspire you to take an adventure or follow your dreams? Or do you just like our photos? We offer a number of exclusive high quality photos through our website. They are the ideal inspiration to live your dream, plan that trip or start exercising in the rain in the morning. The high quality photos are suitable for large format printing, for example a beautiful canvas poster on the wall. A unique work of art on the wall that you won't find in any other house. In addition, you support our journey so that we can continue to inspire you.













            1Why do you sell your pictures?
            There are several reasons to do this:
            1. We regularly receive questions from followers whether our photos are for sale.
            2. We make no money with WeLeaf while we spend a lot of time on our website, photography, blogs, travel tips and videos. By selling the photos we can pay part of the costs.
            3. We would be very proud if our photo is hanging in your house.
            4. We want to inspire other people to start an adventure, challenge themselves and follow their dreams. We believe that our photos are a great inspiration.
            2Why don't you offer photos on canvas or aluminium yourself?
            Our specialty is taking beautiful photos. We don't have machines to print photos on canvas, aluminum or plexiglass. And there are already many companies that focus on printing wall decoration.
            We could work together with one of these companies, but most of them operate nationally, and international shipping would make the costs expensive. By only offering the photo, you can find the best deal in your country yourself.
            3Where can I print my photos?
            There are many companies on the Internet that can print photos as wall decoration. They often have very nice discounts. Examples in Belgium and the Netherlands are Hema, Kruidvat, Albelli, Canvascompany, Smartphoto. By only offering the photo, you can choose the company with the best discount or best quality.

            The print shop in your town can also print photos in large format, often on canvas and other materials.
            4How often can I download the photo?
            The download link remains available for 10 days. Within those 10 days you can download the photo maximum 3 times, in case you can't find the downloaded file anymore.
            5Can I sell the photo or use it commercially?
            No that is not allowed. By purchasing the photo, you agree to the WeLeaf terms&conditions . It clearly states that the photo is for personal use only. It is not allowed to resell the photo, use it for advertising or participate in photo contests with our photos.
            You can give the photo to a friend as a gift, given that you don't use the photo yourself.


            Have you seen a photo on Instagram, Facebook or our website that is not available in the webshop? Send us an email so that we can send the photo to you personally. If you have another question, you can also send an email :)!


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