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Lina Castelazo Vargas

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April 13, 2017
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April 20, 2017

Siempre positiva


“Siempre positiva” Lina says every time. We all know that thinking positive is the best way to live, but few people are able to do this right. Lina is a master, she possesses this, whatever happens, her smile and positive mind always wins the fight. When we came home after a disappointed sailboat quest in the harbour, Lina replied strongly “que buen dia!” when we told about our day.

Lina Castelazo Vargas was raised in Mexico where she made a career as a director in one of the biggest hospitals. Her heart is in Mexico, but when she met Jean Marie, cupido hit her heart. She left friends and family behind, following her new dream on the other side of the Atlantic. She only takes her beautiful daughter, Karla, in her bag. In Gran Canaria she builds her new dream with Jean Marie, literally. On a remote piece of land at the edge of a valley they build their own house, from the first stone to the last. They first plant fruit trees, palm trees and cactuses. He who sows, will reaps, and take the fruits of his hard labour. Proudly Lina always says ‘my casa'.

“you can forget words, faces and names, but the love someone gives, you will never forget”


On the Canary Islands she started the soda factory NIK, together with Jean Marie. They revived the old brand name and after many years they sold the company with great pride. Lina was the boss, she knows how to take action and dares to take risks. She sparkles with Mexican eagerness and lives with passion, happiness and is never ashamed. Everywhere we go, Lina knows someone. The owner of the restaurant, the presentator in the local radio station and in the marathon many friends pass by. She has amigos everywhere, and most of them are, just like Lina and Jean Marie, not Canarios. They have no high opinion on them. But it are not only the canarios who they laugh with. Nobody is safe for her witty humor and catchy laugh.

Olivier had to promise Lina to show his love to Zoe at least one time a day. Love, that’s the key for Lina. Once someones comes close to her heart, she loves that one and shows it in every possible way. We were warmly kissed every morning, evening and when we came back from the harbour. One, two, three or four depended on the day, but no sign of love does not exist. Lina and Jean Marie are one of the happiest couples we have ever seen. Just like Lina says “you can forget words, faces and names, but the love someone gives, you will never forget”. She expressed everything in beautiful Mexican proverbs, because she says “In Mexico everything is ambiguous”. One we will never forget: ‘la barrage llena, corazon contento’ (a full stomach makes the heart satisfied). This way Lina learned us some of the most basic lessons in life. We put them in our backpack and take those with us until we are home.

Lina Castelazo Vargas
Lina Castelazo Vargas

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