Every person on earth has his own story. We will meet a lot of different persons on our trip, local farmers, other travellers, living dictionaries and ambitious youngsters. Globalisation makes countries lose their identity. But after travelling for a longer time in a country, you will discover the identity of the country and its inhabitants. In every country there are individual who follow their dream and inspire others. We want to capture this individuals and the story behind this unique face.

May 20, 2019
gregory hook portrait

Gregory Hook

Texas triker Everybody can do it There is a different story behind every door. In the United States, that door is sometimes a white, plastic door of a motor home […]
December 21, 2018
Fernando Mojik profile picture

Fernando Mojik

What do we have with colonels? Zoë her father was colonel, Olivier's grandfather as well. But also during the trip we meet one colonel after the other...
April 4, 2018
de friskelo's zijn een Belgiche familie in Paraguay

The Frickelo’s

It is the winter of 1953 in Flanders. Carolus Friskelo is 23 years old and wants to become a farmer, but there is little farmland available in Belgium...
December 14, 2017
Portrait picture of dutch missionary Antonio Van Kessel

Toon van Kessel

'There was nothing, no streets, no electricity, only a few houses' padre Antonio tells us. 55 years ago Toon van Kessel was sent to Chile...
October 28, 2017
Traditional Argentinian goat shepherd posing for a portrait picture

Dario Sepúlvada

His horse is waiting paitently in his garden and the dogs bark to announce that some strangers are walking around...
August 25, 2017
Portrait picture of a gaucho in Uruguay

Ruben Ferreira

Our cheeks are coloured from the cold while we look at the remote farm along a small dirt road. We are still looking for...
July 28, 2017
Traditional Brazilian gaucho

Paulo Silva

Wide trousers, leather boots and a big hat. That's a gaucho, like the inhabitants of Rio Grande de Sul call themselves
June 20, 2017
Tattooed Brazilian with his cat

Diego Bianchetti

At one o’clock in the night I ring Diego Bianchetti’s door bell. A long beard, wild hair and a body full with tattoos is waiting...
May 9, 2017

John Verschuijten

With his blond curly hair and big smile he is an example for the Dutch man. On the first day in the harbour of Las Palmas


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