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The 25 best seasickness tips

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The best tips against sea sickness always come from an expert, although this honour is doubtful. Olivier was seasick every sailing trip, sometimes only a little sick, sometimes ready to jump over board. The following tips aren't a guarantee that you won't be seasick because the wonder drug doesn't exist. Everybody reacts different on all the remedies, so the only thing you can do, is try them all.

1. Sleep with one leg out of the bed
2. Ginger, in the tea or eating it raw
3. Eat bananas
4. Anti sea sickness drugs
5. Anti sea sickness stickers to put behind your hair
6. Bracelet against travel sickness
7. Sea sickness chewing gum
8. Drink a lot of water
9. Eat fat food
10. Lay down quickly when you go inside the boat
11. Eat dry crackers
12. Eat noodles
13. Stand, sit or sleep as close to the mast as possible
14. Try to look at the horizon
15. Don't read books or watch movies
16. Don't eat or drink dairy products
17. Try to do a lot of things and be active to distract yourself from being sick
18. Drink a glass of water with half a spoon of baking soda
19. Drink coca cola, but stir it to remove all the gas
20. Breath quiet and slowly
21. Vomiting works, at least for a while
22. Eat chololate
23. Sleep a lot
24. Don't drink carbonated sodas
25. Control the four basis elements: hunger, cold, fear and fatigue

For Olivier the best thing was to lay down quickly when he went inside the boat, sleep a lot and try to eat every meal a little bit. Watching a the horizon and the bracelets didn't do anything, while drinking a lot of water or eating ginger made the seasickness even worse. For everybody there will be a different remedy that will work, but hopefully you don't need any of them. And if none of them works, let's hope that the seasickness disappear after three days. It you have other tips, we would like to hear them!

The 25 best seasickness tips
The 25 best seasickness tips

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