A couple of years we started to film. We bought a GoPro before we took the Trans Siberian Express from Sint Petersburg to Beijing. We made an awful lot of short clips and made a movie that was way too long. On our next trips we improved our filming techniques and video processing, still filming everything with a GoPro. In September 2015 we joined a travel video competition, hosted by two travel companies Getaway Travel and FOX Verre Reizen. Olivier just came back from Bolivia and had stunning footage to make a brilliant movie. He was selected as one of the ten winners, who could join a one day masterclass in video reporting. At the end of the day we got the task to make a short movie to promote our home town. We had one week time and the winner would go to South Africa to shoot travel movies. Olivier made his "Rotterdam by Bicycle" movie and won the contest. Before leaving to South Africa we bought a DSLR camera to improve our video quality. Right now we film about 80% of our shots with this camera and the rest with the GoPro. Recently we added a Mavic Air Drone to our collection. Enjoy our work!

We upload all our videos first on our Youtube Channel. You can subscribe on the channel if you don't want to miss the latest videos.


EPISODE 1 // Mission Impossible

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EPISODE 2 // Crossing borders

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EPISODE 3 // Hiking the Appalachian Trail

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EPISODE 4 // From legs to arms

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PERU // 3.000 kilometers through the Andes

ECUADOR // Promo video voor Hacienda Santa Ana

PERU // Bungalows Las Balsas promo video

BOLIVIA // From Santa Cruz to Salar de Uyuni

Cycling in Bolivia video

BOLIVIA // Magical cycling on Salar de Uyuni

Cycling Salar de Uyuni video

PARAGUAY // Discover the heart of South America

Discover Paraguay video

PATAGONIA // Cycling to the end of the world

ARGENTINA // Flying in a two person Cessna plane

Flying in a cesna video

BRAZIL // Paradise: Fernando de Noronha

Fernando de Noronha video

OCEAN // Crossing the atlantic by sailing boat

Sailing the Atlantic video

EUROPA // The first 4.000 kilometers on the bicycle

Cycling to Compostela video

CANARY ISLANDS // Hitch hiking on a sailing boat

Hitchhiking on a sailing boat video

CANARY ISLANDS // Cycling in Tenerife

Cycling in the Canary Islands video



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