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Adventure bread

cycling to Compostela in between the wine fields
Los gemelos y la guapa
december 10, 2016
Climbing in the mast of a sailing boat
december 28, 2016

The most powerful bread ever

Probably the most heavy and powerful bread that we have ever made. The bread is half of the size of a normal bread but double the weight, more than one kilogram. My brother and I could eat four lunches with this amazing bread and it provides energy for half a day of outdoor activity. We used to eat it with dried sausages, but it is also delicious with a drip of jam or honey. You can’t find this type of quality food in a supermarket!


For one adventure bread of 1,2 kilograms

300 gr multigrain flour
one coffee spoon salt
60 gr dried fruit
60 gr nut mix
35 gr dairy butter
25 gr honey
30 gr cane sugar
125 cl whole milk


- Chop the dried fruit and the nuts, and mix them with the multigrain flour is a bowl.
- Melt the butter in a saucepan and add the sugar, milk and honey. Stir the ingredients until you have a uniform mixture. It has to be lukewarm, but don’t let it boil!
- Add the butter mixture to the dry mixture, and knead it until you have a compact dough.
- Place a baking paper on the baking sheet and grease the paper with a little bit of oil. Make a layer of 3 cm thick. There is no yeast in the bread so it won’t rise!
- Bake the bread 60 minutes at 180 degrees. Have a look at the dried fruit because these are likely burn faster.
- Take it out of the oven, let it chill at room temperature and pack it for your trip. It will stay tasty for at least a week.

Adventure bread


  1. Simon schreef:

    Jawel, daar is ie dan. De “adventure food” pagina.
    As the brother who was there to share this bread with I can honestly say “even after 4 days it is still a delightful meal”.

    Nu de andere recepten nog zoals de volkoren pannenkoeken en de mueslirepen.

  2. WeLeaf schreef:

    Eindelijk he ;). Uiteraard komt de andere er ook aan! Hmmmmm

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