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Isolated? Lots of things to do!

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March 17, 2020
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March 26, 2020

Being bored in isolation?


If one door close, another opens. Even when ten doors close, there is always a light or even an opportunity. Don’t let the Covid-19 restrictions take your energy, find energy. You are the one who controles your own mind, you are the one who can put aside negativity and can strike a light. Take the opportunities out of the situation and;
- Help others! Friends, family and strangers! Reaching out to others is highly fulfilling!
- Develop skills! Stay busy and be useful!

There is always something to add to the society and to stay busy. For everybody! Did you always wanted to help others this is your chance. Restrictions have given you time. Appreciate the time. There is so much you can do!

This is what you can do, find one that suits you!

What to do in isolation?

  • Do things you never had time for in your busy live, you have got that time now. Those things you need to invest time in!! Remember that guitar in the corner of the living room or that painting you didn’t finish or that project waiting for you in the garage?
  • It's a good moment for repairs and maintenance. A broken washing machine, a wipping chair, painting the house, work in the garden, that annoying sound of the door. There are lots of little projects around your house that can use a little update and by repair your not only supporting a circulair economy with less garbage, you are also going to be fulfilled by the proud. You fixed it!
  • Learn new skills! Open Youtube or Vimeo and learn what you always wanted to learn. You’ve got time right? Learn to bake a bread, learn to dance, learn to knit, learn another language, learn meditating, learn how to…there is so much to learn!
  • Do online schooling. On websites like and you can studie a new course and get a certificate. Often the courses has a span of about three weeks with a few hours a week of input, but you can do it faster or take more time. The certificate is of value for your curriculum. Zoë did a course marketing and a course circulair economy while traveling.
  • Do sports inside. Stay physical is good for the mind. You don’t need a lot of space to get some serious activity. There are many youtube video’s with lots of inspiration.
  • Use the time useful to brainstorm or evaluate the past year. What do you still want to achieve, what do you want to learn? You now have time for it, and time to start a few things immediately.
  • Put the phones, iPads and television aside and play with the kids and teens. Challenge yourself to find new activities. You can do art or board games, but you can also go more out of the box and have educative projects. Google around, there are tons of creative activities and experiments online for kids that can be done at home and with simple utilities. Building nature, science and chemistry experiments is not only mentally challenging for the kids, it will even surprise you!
  • Read the book: “When the world came to town”. A book about how a very small town in Canada received thousands of people in their little town after the 9-11 attack. It is very inspiring to see how people can reach out to each other in crisis. Off course 9-11 and the corona virus are very different, still you can learn from it by taking responsibility for those who are affected. You can buy the i-Book on Amazone or for the Dutch people reading this on and get inspired how people can reach out in times of crises

How can I be of help to others in the Covid-19 crisis?
Invest your skills in helping out others. We are one big family and we have to do this together. A healthy mindset is what will help us to cure faster. (Fear = stress = lower immune system = higher risk). Follow the news 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening and that shut it all down and come to action. By inspiring others not to sink in the numbers and negative news, but to stay active, positive, supportive and motivating, we can bring up that healthy mind-set. What can I do?

What can I do?

  • Do voluntary work! There is a enormous need for volunteers for many communitarian servies. Some governments have launched a special website to ask for volunteers. You can help elderly people to do groceries for them, help the local food bank, help with transportation of people, security calls to make sure people are fine, help call centers and so much more.
  • Make mouth masks for the community. The stores have run out of masks. If you have masks (and gloves) left on the bottom of your shelf or in the garage, donate them to people in the high risk group. Or, contact the local medical service and see if they can use them. They need them more than you, you can make one yourself and for others out of a tea cloth. This test says “ A homemade cotton masks capture 50% of 0.02-1 micron particles, compared with 80% for the surgical mask. You can help the community by making them for others.
  • Organise online group games, quizes, dances or sport challenges. You can connect to social network groups of your local area and motivate others with your activities. Try a lockdown pushups challenge or a lockdown photo quiz. Think of the things you like to do and transform them to a online local event.
  • Keep your school friends, club or team busy with gatherings by for example Zoom or Skype. A platform where you can video call with more people together. When one person speaks, its screen will light up. Are you a hockey team, come together on Zoom and practise handling skills indoors by watching each other. Are you part of a service club and your not able to do your weekly meetings, this way you will. Part of a ukelele club? You can play together by using zoom. Do you want your kids to be social with their friends, give them a challenge to do while they chat with their friends.
  • Are you a social media user? You can post positive messages with photo’s of what you are doing. See list of ‘what to do in isolation’ above. This will give ideas to people in your network. They will feel motivated by your posts. Try to trigger people to do the same by asking for ideas or ask to show what they are doing.
  • Are you an artist? Write a song for others, open your window and sing/play it for your fellow neighbours to show your support. Are you making art, place it in front of the window. You will see rainbows appearing on many places to show the world that things will get better soon.
  • Do you have a 3d printer? You can be of great help. You can support the medical community by printing parts they need. Like a door opener that can help you to open doors without hands for in hospitals or families that live with people in the higher riskgroup. Find out in your local 3D printing community what you can do!
  • Help your elders. There are many elders or disabled people who have no abilities to prepare their own food and eat a restaurants. If you are able to cook or bake in bigger quantities, do so! Learn about the energy of sharing! Promise, it feels good.
  • - Deliver needs and help people in higher risk group. *Only if you are in the lower-risk group and not in quarantine. If you’re in a lower-risk group, reach out to your higher-risk neighbors and community members. Ask people how you can help them. Offer your help. You could pick up medicines, help to do their groceries. Or bring one of the products, foods or necessaries you have been making at home, like the DIY gloves or mouth masks.
    - Keep respecting the restrictions. You can leave the goods in front of the door after ringing the bell or phone.
    - Go alone, you don’t need more people to deliver

What ever you do, SHOW it to others in private groups or on social media. Let them know there is lots to do, lots to inspire, lots to learn, lots to give, lots to take care or. Take a opportunity out of difficulty and have respect to others who might have lost relatives. But don’t be bored, because there are lots of things to do. It's better to stay positive!

Keep a healthy, mind and body!

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