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February 20, 2017

Mountainbiking in the Redwoods

My business trip to New Zealand contained a lot of airplanes and conference rooms. Luckily I had one free day to explore the surroundings of Rotorua. The conference venue was most of the time filled with the lovely smell of rotten eggs, thanks to the highly active volcanic region of Rotorua. Everywhere in the city were hot springs with boiling mud and steaming water, producing the intrusive smell. Beautiful to look at, but not to stand in for a long time. Next to this Rotorua has a lot of spa centres and a lively Maori culture to offer, but I was looking for a more active spending of my day.
A little south of Rotorua was a big forest, the Whakarewarewa Forest, or easier to pronounce “the Redwoods”, named to the huge Californian Coast Redwoods in the forest. Apparently this place was the best spot for mountain biking in New Zealand and well known for its beautiful tracks. A perfect activity for my free day! I rented a mountain bike for a full day and rode around for 8 hours. It was amazing and exhaustively so in the end I was quiet happy to end up at the borders of the lake in the lovely smell of rotten eggs.

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