Food is one the most importants fuels for your body. Especially while travelling your body consumes more fuel than during a working day in the office. We travel the world on our bicycle and use 5.000 kilocalories on an average cycling day. In the past we tried to save money on every part of our travel expenses, also on food. The result was an attack on our own body with a loss of weight, muscles in our case. We learned from our mistakes and take care of our body to supply it with the right amount and type of fuel. In the ‘food and travel’ blogs we write down our best travel food recipes, either to cook on a camping stove or to prepare at home before going on a trip.

While travelling on a bicycle or with a backpack you are limited in the amount of food you can carry, the durability and the size of your camping pots. We try to be creative and cook different kinds of meals, preferably with local products. We try to be conscious with the amount of meat and fish we eat, although we aren’t vegetarians. We believe that animal products contain necessary nutrients to live a healthy live, but the life of the animals takes a great part in our selection. With our sportive-background and while cycling or walking we discovered and learned about the kind of food that kept us going for half a day and the sugary food that only fuelled us for half an hour.


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